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Providing a comprehensive digital transformation solution for Taxi and Ride-Hailing businesses, optimizing operations for efficiency, flexibility, and intelligence

Transportation Management system

Taxi, Bus, Bike, Truck
Flexible solutions catering to all business models: Traditional taxi services, ride-hailing technology, and multi-channel transportation.


Customer App

Innovative Service Booking, Multi-channel Payment


Driver App

Receive rides from many sources


Dispatch Web

Convenient, Easy Multi-Car Booking


Admin Website

Simple Configuration. Comprehensive Reporting


Corporate Customer Website

Hard/Soft Card. Prepaid and Postpaid.


Marketing Points App

Transparent Discounts. Cross-selling Multiple Services

Transportation Management SOLUTION SYSTEM



For Drivers
- Accept/cancel rides from various sources: customer app, call center web, marketing points, third-party SuperApps such as Ride-Hailing: BE; Mobile Banking Apps: MBBank, VCB, BIDV, ... ; E-Wallet: MOMO, ZALO
- Queue and assign vehicles at marketing lobbies in the city and airport lounges
- Navigate to designated pick-up points
- Calculate ride fare using App or Taxi Meter
- Accept payments through various methods: Cash, online payments, bank card payments (Smart POS), corporate customer cards (soft cards, hard cards with NFC, QR Code, etc.)
- Communicate with customers via Chat, Call, Voice call
- Technical Wallet features: Upper wallet, lower wallet
- Transaction history of electronic wallets (deposit and withdrawal), withdrawal requests
- Rate rides and receive customer feedback
- Activity history, ride history



For Customers (Booking a Ride)
- Book various types of taxis: taxi, airport taxi, inter-province two-way taxis, rental car
- Multi-channel payment: Cash, bank cards, e-wallets, prepaid and postpaid corporate customer cards
- Use promotional codes for flexible campaigns
- Receive updates and promotions from the company via advertising modules
- Track the driver's journey, share the trip route
- Communicate with the driver via Chat, Call, Voice call
- Rate the driver, rate the ride, and give tips
- Monitor corporate card limits and trip history
- Request invoices for rides
- Book on behalf of others, book multiple destinations, change destinations, designate specific rides, app download referral codes



For Call Center Operators and Taxi Dispatch Staff
Dispatching Web - the effective right-hand tool for call center operators, equipped with optimized features such as:
1. Automatically receive customer phone calls: Analog switchboard, IP switchboard
2. Merge channels, separate channels for switchboard staff
3. Book taxi rides and Track the locations of taxis
4. Monitor the status of taxis
5. Book multiple taxis and services simultaneously
6. Save customer ride history
7. Save coordinates of booked points as abbreviated names for quick and convenient taxi dispatch
8. Schedule timed bookings
9. Search for abbreviated addresses, online addresses from Google maps, directly mark points on the map
10. Generate statistical reports by shift, by staff, by date
11. Save customer contact list, marketing points
12. Allocate taxi dispatch zones, service booking permissions
13. Send notifications to driver apps
14. Manage taxi queues, monitor taxi dispatch
Map Service
Connect to Switchboard
Payment Gateway Corporate Customer Card
SMS Brandname, Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram, Zalo OA, Voice Call

Easy integration with other systems



For administrators, operational staff, and accountants
Create Account and Permissions: Administrators can easily create accounts and set permissions for departments, operational staff, and call center agents.

Service Setup and Configuration: Create and configure various services with detailed settings:
+ Service rates: base fare, per km rate, hourly rate.
+ Driver radius for service.
+ Discounts for each service type.
+ Pricing methods, surcharges, and waiting fees for each service type.
+ List of payment methods.

Manage Vehicles and Drivers: Operational staff can:
+ Add, adjust, and update vehicle and driver information.
+ Group drivers by service type and operational area.
+ Monitor routes and vehicle status in real-time.

Reports and Statistics: Provides comprehensive administrative and statistical reports:
+ Operations, inquiries, reconciliation, and payments.
+ Fraud control for each service and booking channel.
+ Trip information, online time, and driver ratings.

Promotional programs are easily set up with various formats.


Corporate Customer Web

Manage issuance of hard/soft cards for corporate customers


Admin System - for Taxi Company Operations Staff, Transport Staff

✔ Declare business and overall limits for the enterprise.
✔ Manage issuance, batch printing of cards for the enterprise.
✔ Optimize support for tracking limits and expenditures of each enterprise.
✔ Declare management accounts for the enterprise.

Merchant System - for Corporate Customers' Personnel Self-Management

✔ Create department accounts, employee accounts, and manage permissions.
✔ Set and monitor limits for each department.
✔ Create employee profiles, card information, and card limits based on hierarchical levels within the enterprise.
✔ Transparent recording of limit changes ensuring transparency.
✔ Easily filter, search, and view trip information and card details.

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Marketing Points App

For Marketing Points / Affiliates

Cross-selling multiple services

✔ Diverse services: Taxi, Hire a Driver, Rent a Car.
✔ Travel services: Dining, Hotels, Entertainment

Clear Discounts

✔ Complete service booking history and service commissions.

Outstanding Features


Corporate customer card for multi-service payments

Multi-channel ride acceptance

Automatic fraud prevention

Intelligent marketing points

Voice control

AI Booking Bot

Connecting together, creating valuable experiences. EMDDI aims to become the number one transportation technology platform in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Prominent Vietnamese taxi companies that trust and choose our dispatch solution include Xanh SM Taxi, Thanh Nga Taxi, Vietnam Taxi, eTaxi, and many others.


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