• Simple registration: EMDDI app is available on all AppStore and Google Play platforms.
  • Book your car easily: Don't forget to choose your destination to receive an estimate of the trip price.
  • Driver arrives immediately: EMDDI will help you find the closest and most suitable driver.
  • Journey tracking: EMDDI helps you always track your journey to add peace of mind to your trip.
  • Payment diversity: EMDDI allows you to pay with both cash, bank cards and the most popular e-wallets: Viettel Pay, VNPAY, MOMO, VNPTPay.

Services and features EMDDI offers

Outstanding features of EMDDI

EMDDI - Accompanying you on every road

EMDDI Taxi Việt

Ứng dụng đặt xe taxi, xe sân bay, xe liên tỉnh dành cho tất cả khách hàng

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Taxi Airport

Dịch vụ đặt xe sân bay được kết hợp giữa EMDDI và Vietnam Airlines

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Giải pháp truyền thông áp dụng phương thức quảng cáo di động

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EMDDI For Business

Dịch vụ di chuyển bằng xe taxi cho doanh nghiệp

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EMDDI Platform

Nền tảng quản lý hệ thống cho Hãng vận tải, Logistic, Vé điện tử...

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With a dispatch system with over 5 years of experience and a quality foundation developed by engineers, teachers, and experts from Hanoi National University, EMDDI has strategic partners of great caliber: Be, Xanh SM Taxi, Vietnam Airlines, Viettel Pay, VNPAY, MOMO, VNPT, VNPTPay, Viet Minh Taxi Alliance and many other partners.


EMDDI is an online vehicle dispatching technology platform operating under a completely new model, developed by experts and scientists at Hanoi National University. EMDDI is calculated and designed to operate on a large scale, with very powerful and advanced core technology. Based on the EMDDI platform, administrators can create thousands of independent ride-hailing software systems, each system owned by a transportation unit. These transportation units can create and manage their own technology transportation services such as booking taxis, electronic contract vehicles, motorbikes, freight vehicles and many other types of transportation. Furthermore, EMDDI is also an environment that connects and interconnects the services of units across the system in many different localities, helping to synthesize and resonate strengths. In short, EMDDI acts as a bridge to help traditional taxi and transportation companies get closer to customers.
Currently, EMDDI has widespread coverage in more than 50 provinces/cities, especially EMDDI has been selected by the Vietnam Taxi Alliance as the official technology solution and is being deployed to all units in the Alliance. It can be said that EMDDI is the technology transportation platform with the largest scale and scope of operations in Vietnam with the participation of many leading transportation companies.

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