• Simple registration: The EMDDI application is always available on every AppStore and Google Play platform.
  • Easy booking: Don't forget to select your destination to receive fare estimates for your trip.
  • Prompt driver arrival: EMDDI will help you find the nearest and most suitable driver.
  • Track your journey: EMDDI enables you to consistently monitor your travel route for added peace of mind during your trip.
  • Diverse payment options: EMDDI allows you to make payments with cash, credit cards, and the most popular electronic wallets, including Viettel Pay, VNPAY, MOMO, and VNPTPay.

EMDDI's services and features currently provided

Prominent features of EMDDI

EMDDI - Your companion on every journey

EMDDI Taxi Vietnam

Application for booking taxis, airport shuttles, and inter-provincial vehicles for all customers

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Taxi Airport

Airport car booking service integrated between EMDDI and Vietnam Airlines

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Communication solution employing mobile advertising methods

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EMDDI For Business

Taxi transportation services for businesses

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EMDDI Platform

The system management platform for Transportation Companies, ...

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With a logistics system boasting over 5 years of experience and a quality platform developed by engineers, professors, and experts from the University of Hanoi, EMDDI has established strategic partnerships with major players such as Be, Xanh SM Taxi, Vietnam Airlines, Viettel Pay, VNPAY, MOMO, VNPT, VNPTPay, Viet Taxi Alliance and many other partners.


EMDDI is an online vehicle logistics technology platform operating on a completely new model, developed by experts and scientists at the University of Hanoi. EMDDI is calculated and designed to operate on a large scale, with highly powerful and advanced core technology. Built on the EMDDI platform, administrators can create thousands of independent ride-hailing software systems, each managed by a transportation unit. These transportation units can independently create and manage their own technology-based services, such as taxi booking, electronic contract vehicles, motorcycles, freight transport, and various other forms of transportation. Furthermore, EMDDI serves as a connecting environment, integrating and synergizing the services of different units throughout the system in various locations, facilitating the aggregation and convergence of strength. In short, EMDDI acts as a bridge bringing traditional taxi and transportation companies closer to customers.
Currently, EMDDI has expanded its coverage to over 50 provinces/cities, especially being chosen by Viet Taxi Alliance as the official technological solution and being implemented for all units within the alliance. It can be said that EMDDI is the largest-scale and widely-operating technology transportation platform in Vietnam, with the participation of many leading transportation companies.

EMDDI and talking numbers

9.5 million

EMDDI users

3.5 million


35 000+



Taxi company

Covering 50+ Provinces/Cities

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